Saturday, December 6, 2014

Social Networks & Media in Schools.

It was a busy week with a lot of learning, our class started off with this inspirational video. What are your thoughts when you watch it?

As educators, it is important for us to embrace the social media/networking world we live in. However, we must do so wisely and not blindly. Educate ourselves, model for our children.
Here is a quick video with tips for using Social Media, it is simplistic in nature but effective. If you, your students, or your own children are or want to be involved in social media have a plan, educate, and practice safety.

Our second topic is one I hold near and dear to my heart, Pinterest!
As I was droning on and on in my post about Pinterest, I thought "Maybe I should have done an entire post about Pinterst!".  So that is exactly what I did. Click the Pinterest label below to be taken to my Pinterest post.
Did I say I LOVE IT! Check it out, use it. With all the time you save using it as a tool, you will have time to create one of the many craft ideas or cooking ideas you see.

On of our final activities, or topics, this week in class was "Pros/Cons of Social Media & Networking in Schools".  Through the research, I found tons of information, linked below:
But the most powerful piece in this activity, to me anyway, was the Google Drive tool for research. I have already shared it with one coworker, and plan to revise my Google Drive post (or possibly a Google Drive Board on Pinterest) and share it with my building.

Social Media/Networking
the future:yes
Embrace it,
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