Friday, November 14, 2014

Social Bookmarking, Google Calendar, & other Organizational Tools

Wow, another week packed full of learning.
Social Bookmarking-Diigo
   I loved the organization of this tool on a personal and professional level.  I am often doing research or stumbling around the internet and find tons of ideas and resources.  Bookmarking them is a pain and unrealistic.  I have even been known to create a word document with all the links.  I have even tried 'onenote' unsuccessfully. Diigo is great. However, there is one draw back.  I am a very visual person, and the presentation is somewhat bothersome.  I hate that there is no thumbnail image, or snapshot.  I think it would help me find things, if there was an image too.
   You can use this tool with your students too.  One site, mentioned having a separate account as your student sharing account.  It definitely makes sense to have a separate account, but I am not sure I would like the management of a separate account.
Google Calendar
    How did I not know about this.  Not only do I plan on exploring the option of using this as a checkout calendar with my staff, but there are so many more applications.  It would be a great way to have a 'family' calendar.  My husband, I , and my three kids all have smart phones.  What a great way to manage a crazy family schedule. Finally, I think I will encourage my husband to use this for his club lacrosse scheduling (share with parents and players).
Other Organizational Tools
    What a great PLN our class is.  I have some great ideas, I am excited to try.
    SignUpGenius for conferences, why not?


tough choice. Click here or here for some reviews and comparisons
    Remind-easy to use! Could this be a tool for emergency contact during a crisis event?
    Alarm Clock software for your computer. I love this tool it is free, and helps us remember to save and log off for the bell.

Here is a list of sites my class shared:

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