Saturday, November 1, 2014

Personal Learning Networks and Twitter For Educators

what a lot of learning I encountered this week!

     Networking is not a new concept, but it is new to me with concerns to my professional self.  I never considered my collaborating with my building, district, and colleagues as networking.  Now, I not only see that as networking, I see the possibilities of networking with the world.
     I have fought social networking on a personal level for years. To this day I still do NOT have a Facebook. But a couple years ago, as my children were getting older, and I felt out of touch with my students; I created an Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter account. Pinterest of course was addicting for my crafty nature, and as my children created Instagram account owners it became my 'lurking' place. Twitter however, has just recently bloomed. We attended an inservice with Kevin Honeycutt and Wes Fryer (2 very dynamic speakers who utilize technology extensively), and my twitter knowledge and comfort was expanded.
     I have to be honest, the twitterchat process was frustrating and confusing for me. I was excited however, to make some new connections after my posts. I now see why my student's currency is in likes and follows.  It feeds the narcissism in me. The twitterchat experience became more successful when I used my computer to follow the conversation; Twubs.
    I have added a couple gadgets to my right side bar.  Here is a video on how to add a blog list (love mine) and labels. Enjoy!

    Now all I need is a couple extra planning periods everyday; to check my networks, learn from my networks, plan from my networks, grade from my networks, ......etc. I better stop, I am overwhelming myself.
    How do you juggle it all, any advice?
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