Sunday, November 23, 2014

Google Drive-Know the Power!

I Love Google Drive!
     I have just recently embraced Google drive, I mean within the last month. Therefore, I was excited to see Google drive as a topic this week, in addition to tinyurl.
First and Foremost Google Drive:
     I had been introduced to Google docs years ago, but had not embedded it in any of my classes.  This year, my children had a couple of unfortunate 'crashes' of projects on their flash drives, and that is what motivated me to embrace the Google drive.  My children are lucky, the district they attend creates a district gmail account for them, and of course a Google drive. I have been playing around with how to handle the creation, parent permission, and district policy in my class.
     Because of the experiences my children had with their flash drives, I started teaching my students how to use their Google drive as well. Before this class, our use for the Google drive was purely storage. But I am excited to embed many of the things I have learned. 
     Here is a great video for inspiration, 10 ways to use Google docs/drive in the classroom.

     If that is a little overwhelming and intimidating, here are some great YouTube channels, websites, and articles to help:

      Here is a great link to a YouTube play list of Google tutorials by Anson Alexander
   Here is a great link to a YouTube play list of Google tutorials by Karen Canfield.
    Here is a great link to an article titled "10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How to do with Google Docs."
    Here is link to a great Google Education site titled "Docs & Drive Level 2: Classroom Application.

     If you are still not convinced to use Google docs/drive, this video is very persuasive, and you may even switch from your dropbox account.

    I was very glad to be exposed to tinyurl this week.  However, at this time I don't think it will be advantageous to use in my classroom.  I am lucky to be in a lab, and connecting to preferred sites is not a challenge.

Join the drive, you will love it!
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