Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pinterest! Join Me!

Okay, I started this as part of my Social Media and Networking page, but I clearly had too much to say. Therefore, it received a post of its own. Enjoy!
This topic is one I hold near and dear to my heart, Pinterest!
Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests
I was introduced to Pinterest several years ago, and weirdly enough, had a hard time getting an account. At the time, you had to be invited, or link it to your Facebook.  I had not and still do not have a Facebook page, luckily I had a coworker who invited me to join. I LOVE IT!
Why I love it, and how I use Pinterest.
  • Primarily as a bookmarking tool. When I find something I like: clothes, hairstyles, decorating ideas, recipes, websites, blogs, school projects, quotes, gift ideas, holiday ideas, organizational ideas, ideas, ideas... I pin it to a board to easily find it later. I am a visual person and the image bookmark appeals to me.  In this class we have learned a lot of bookmarking sites, but I still find Pinterest to be the one that appeals to me most. It is easy to Pin something you find online, click here for a tutorial on how to add a button to your browser. Here is a tutorial for how to add a pin to safari for your ipad. So as I am doing research for my projects in my classroom, decorating ideas for my home, gift giving ideas for Christmas, etc, I pin it and come back later.
    • Click here for a tutorial for keeping your board private, so your followers wont know what you are getting them for Christmas.
    • Click here for a tutorial for sharing your boards, if you are working on a project with others and want to have a collaborative board.
  • Inspirational or research tool. I use it to research for new ideas and inspiration. I can search the entire Pinterest site, I can peruse or search through themed public areas (I think the mobile version is the best for this), I can search through my boards, or I can follow people with similar likes and interests. For example; I have a pork loin and I want a creative new recipe.  I can search pinterest public, or pinterest 'food & drink' (which allows me to further specify; desserts, healthy eating, sandwiches,...), or I can search my boards for something I previously pinned (I currently have almost 4000 pins).
  • Professional Learning Community.  I follow many educators and gain powerful ideas and knowledge through their pins. I am the only teacher in my building that teaches my particular content, so the abilty to collaborate on my content within the building is limited. Therefore, a social media tool such as Pinterest lets me collaborte virtually. When I see something one of my followers pins, that I am inspired by or would like to use in my classroom I can repin it. Or as mentioned above, we can share a board and be co-contributors to the items on a particular board.
  • Networking. Several years ago my sister and I started a blog, just for fun. My sister is amazingly creative and crafty, and this seemed like a great way to showcase her 'stuff' and my attempt to emulate her. Linking your blog posts on social networks such as; Pinterest, twitter, Instagram, and Facebook increase your community, visibility, and traffic.  We will never be the Pioneer Woman, but we do have our own little niche in the blogging world. 
I would like to end with a final tip: organize, organize, organize. 
Keep your boards appropriately labeled and organized as you progress through your pinning experience. If you visit my boards, please be patient as my OCD has me often creating and resorting boards and board content.

Pinning away,

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