Saturday, October 25, 2014

Educational Blogs & Feedly

     This week in class we had the opportunity to explore educational blogs.  This was somewhat challenging for me, because I quickly became distracted. I found so many with so many posts, I had a hard time pulling back and completing the assignment. The blogs varied from providing content, philosophy, and/or organizational ideas. I have added a blog list to the side of my site, check them out.
     We also learned about RSS feeds and feed readers.  I was a little familiar with RSS feeds, but the feed readers were new to me.  We created Feedly accounts, which is a free feed reader.  I am excited to use this tool for all the educational blogs I am now following, in addition I may add some personal blogs I follow. 
     Finally, we created our own professional blogs here on blogger.  I am excited to have an avenue to showcase my thoughts. Of course, I had to choose a color theme that matches my classroom.
    As I read through the syllabus, I look forward to many of the upcoming topics.

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